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"There is no better destination than Bali for personal reinvention, inspiration or a new life approach."


Living in Bali gives you the opportunity to witness a unique world on your terms

Bali is blessed with friendly locals, perpetual sunshine, an idyllic lifestyle suited for professionals, families, entrepreneurs, designers, digital nomads, semi retirees, small business owners, creatives, and free thinkers.


If you’re seeking one of the world’s most unique indigenous cultures, a place where people can be themselves and enjoy life to the fullest within a reasonable budget but don’t want to sacrifice modern day expectations such as high speed internet, comfortable accommodations, world class dining and fitness options.


Bali can be your home too, perhaps for a few months to see if it’s right for you and a lifetime thereafter. 

50 Great Reasons To live in Bali 

  1. Because you can 

  2. Amazing Balinese culture 

  3. Incredibly happy people

  4. Perpetual island sunshine

  5. High-speed internet

  6. Incredible places to live

  7. Amazing food 

  8. Unrivalled nightlife

  9. A diverse international community

  10. Reasonable cost of living

  11. All lifestyle friendly

  12. To reset your mind, body, and soul

  13. Established expat community 

  14. English widely spoken 

  15. World-class medical facilities

  16. Very affordable wellness and spa services

  17. Superb golf courses and caddies always

  18. Great scuba grounds

  19. Tremendous fishing

  20. Mountain, river & lake hikes

  21. Amazing sunrises

  22. Stunning sunsets

  23. Freshest seafood

  24. Ice cold Bintang beer

  25. Foodies paradise

  26. Instagram heaven 

  27. Unique temples

  28. Exotic ceremonies

  29. Lovely Balinese dress

  30. Favorable currency

  31. Scooter adventures

  32. Incredible running trails 

  33. World class gyms & skilled trainers

  34. Professional tennis facilities

  35. Friendly locals

  36. Great kite surfing 

  37. Exciting water sports

  38. Beach hammocks

  39. Beer shacks 

  40. Grilled seafood 

  41. Secluded bays

  42. Scenic rice field walks

  43. Cultural Ubud

  44. International readers and writers festival

  45. Great artists and galleries

  46. Top schools

  47. Neighboring island adventures

  48. One of Asia’s most modern airports

  49. Breathtaking cliffside vistas

  50. World's finest hotels 

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