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"We make realising the Bali dream easy for you - replacing complexity with simplicity." 

Why Not Bali The ultimate way for professionals to change their lives in a positive way an

Why Not Bali offers a professional one stop service that delivers a personal concierge solution for those considering a new and exciting temporary residence.


We provide exciting opportunities to experience a unique, practical and satisfying lifestyle during and post Covid-19.


An opportunity to recharge and rest. A chance to optimize the opportunities that a changing environment allows.


The possibility of taking some time out, preparing for a new future and giving the mind and body a treat.


All this at a cost base less than your current living costs.


Our 3-month Bali Reset may be a one-off experience or the beginning of something more permanent.


We provide the chance for you to see if a new lifestyle is for you and your family during a short but significant break, for the foreseeable future or on an annual basis.


The ‘Bali Reset’ offers a myriad of all-inclusive experiences, services and benefits:


  1. Full board accommodation at a choice of world class resorts and villas

  2. Utilities, staffing and services included

  3. Car & professional driver at your disposal

  4. Fast track airport arrival and departure handling

  5. A perfect ‘work from home’ option

  6. Time freed up to spend with family

  7. New friends and social opportunities

  8. Culture and exotic beauty

  9. Luxury and ease

  10. Comprehensive benefit package

  11. Select portfolio of lifestyle, entertainment, dining, spa, wellness and recreation partners

  12. Sourcing of best price and quality wine, provisions and artisan goods

  13. Comprehensive social calendar and member events from which you may pick and choose

  14. Booking services and on call concierge desk

  15. Local currency deposit, charge, payment and top up mobile app

  16. Visa, medical, education, medical and relocation support

  17. Sea, sun, sand and entertainment


We provide, in a seamless package, a bona fide temporary residence on the wonderful island of Bali, Indonesia, alongside a full suite of concierge services that facilitate safe, legal, smooth arrival and settlement on ‘The Island of The Gods.’


Six packages are available, with varying length of stay and benefit baskets, that cater to those that require an initial ‘trial’ experience, a more immersive longer term stay or a second residence.

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